The Space

Mushin is a hybrid boutique sports lounge, merging a traditional sports bar with a premium lounge experience.

  • Dinning Area

  • Entry Way

  • Hall Way

  • Owners Box

  • Owners Box

  • The Bar

Our space is demarcated into 5 different sections with 12 HD flat screens and 2 sound zones. One of those sections is the Owners Box, a 500 sq ft space within Mushin. The Owners Box is reserved exclusively for our members and private booking. Members will have access to this section of the lounge anytime during business hours except when booked for private gatherings. We provide members wifi within the Box so you can get some work done while catching a match, host business meetings with clients and partners, or simply lounging with fellow members. The Box has three lounge sections. Each section seats anywhere from 6 to 10 people at a time. Think of our Owners Box like a VIP lounge at the airport.

We are located on the corner of 19th & Franklin at the Leamington building, formerly known as Hotel Leamington or Ambassador Hotel. The Leamington opened its doors to traveling business executives in 1926. Designed by long term Oakland resident and respected architect, W. H. Week, who built many Carnegie libraries, the building was considered an architectural masterpiece in its time.

The Leamington was also host to Amelia Earhart, the first person to solo the 2,408 mile distance across the Pacific between Honolulu and Oakland in 1935. It was reported she kept an office in the Leamington while planning her fateful final journey in 1937.

The building has been used to host both charitable events and opulent social gatherings for wealthy Oakland residents. In keeping with such wealth of history, Mushin promises to deliver an impeccable experience that connects you to the essence of our space.

-This is Mushin-